Please join your Back Bay neighbors who are opposed to the destruction that the current proposal at 39 Stanhope St would require.  The existing structure at 39 Stanhope, the Stanhope Stables, is the oldest surviving horse stables in the Back Bay.

The building dates from the 1860s and was designed by the prominent Bostonian and well-known architect, Nathaniel Jeremiah Bradlee. The building is a pending landmark due to the ongoing neighborhood effort to preserve it.

The Bradlee-designed stables are currently the site of the Red Lantern Restaurant across the street from the Frieda Garcia Children’s Park.  The stables are an integral part of the history and commerce of the early Back Bay.  They are a unique example of early brick and panel architecture.  The stables’ owners were also famous and notable.

The Stanhope community is a vibrant neighborhood.  This proposed hotel will destroy a beautiful historic element of Boston’s Back Bay history and harm the Stanhope community, a growing and vibrant neighborhood enjoyed by many Boston inhabitants.

Please help join your dedicated neighbors in this endeavor.

Save 39 Stanhope Street from demolition

Please join us in this endeavor

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